Do you use overgrip on your blade handle?

The tape will dull the "feeling" of the ball, but of course it depends on witch blade you are using, for example with ZJK SZLC blade probably you will not feel much difference with "feeling", because this blade is very stiff and vibrations from hitting the ball is almost non-existant, with some other blades with a lot of "vibrations" the effect of grip will be more apparent... and it also depends on what you like, a lot of vibrations, no vibrations, some kind of balance, for me it's a 3rd variant, I need some balance, but for me it's better to have heavily vibrating blade, then blade with no vibration (espessially on short play)... But, also thinking of at least trying tape on my Joola Vyzaryz Trinity and Stiga Cybershape, espessially on Trinity (with Stiga handle it's kinda sit well in hand even when my palm is sweaty... Trinity kinda slip a bit, espessially on performing BH topspin...), already bought butterfly grip tape, maybe will put it on racket today and will try it on tournament tomorrow...

Played first 3 sets of tournament match with grip tape on Cybershape... no pros, but in cons is a bit dull feeling (not much, 5-10%), so didn't affect my game much IMO, but it just feels less comfortable for me, so taked the grip tape off, and played the rest of the match without it, it seems handle grip tape just not for me...

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Sep 2022
This seems like a huge decision, that is oddly underdiscussed. Do you use overgrip on your handle?

I hardly ever see people do this, but it seems like it could make a big positive benefit. Your control and grip over your racket could be much better. I imagine it would make a big difference on wristy shots like serve and BH loop and flick.

Why don't more people use grip? I just ordered 2 pieces of grip to see if it makes a big difference

I do.. After my NEW blade flew out of my hand. LOL. Had to use the grip tape to cover the slight imperfection and improve my hold over it.