Donic Blades for Bluefire Series?

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Hello, i want to know what donic blades are good for Bluefire Series (M2 and M3), Donic Senso Carbon is good? It has good control and speed. I am amateur player (play some argentinian tournaments) that i need some control in the blade but speed too. I like to atack all the day with my FH and top with it, and block and loop with my BH.

Another Question: M2 for FH or BH? (I think fh but i am not expert)
M3 for FH or BH? (I think bh but i am not expert)

I hope some answers.

See You :)
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Mar 2011
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For my self I use the Bluefire JP01 for forehand on a Butterfly Maze Offensive blade and Im loving it. But you should know this is a very fast blade, but the ALC in it makes the control good.
I have not tried the senso carbon, but the Persson Power Play is really good, also the Persson Powercarbon, but again, I dont have so much to say about any slower blades than that other than that the Appelgren Senso V1 is allright :)
Jan 2013
La m2 esta buena para el drive, al igual que para el revés pero si te gusta topiar de drive te conviene la m2 para la derecha, la m3, también es una excelente goma muy buen control, blanda, y perfecta para el bloqueo, te recomiendo la M3 para el revés.

Respecto a las maderas donic, son buenas maderas, el tema es que para mi gusto algunos modelos como la senso diablo, por ejemplo vibran un poco.
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Sep 2012
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I'd suggest JP02 & JP03 instead of M2 & M3. The original Bluefire series:
1. has a increased tendency to bottom out relative to the JP series due to a not as well designed sponge
2. is too jumpy
3. does not have as grippy a topsheet (hence you might encounter slippage during brush strokes)
4. has dandoy bioboost as the pre-tune booster. This booster does not last long and shrinks the rubber soon as well. The JP series likely employs Falco Tempo Long (based on smell) that lasts much longer

If you're hell bent on Donic blades and have a decent rating, you should take a close look at the Donic World Champion '89 series.
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Aug 2012
Gracias Martin, tenia pensado la m2 para el drive y la m3 para el revés, igual ahora vi otra madera que aca esta mas barata y dicen que esta re buena. Donic Baum Spirit se llama. Thanks Anders, yes i need some control, unless i chosed M1, See you. Sorry for my bad english

I have
-donic waldner senso carbon
-donic persson carbotec
-butterfly viscaria

I also have
-donic bluefire m1 black

I can sell any of these, I am in Argentina.