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May 2015
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4 out of 5 rating for Easy Ball 40+

After the first four hours of playing, i finally get to write my review. (my first one, so please be gentle)
After takin' them out of the box, my first impression was: gee, they look a bit fragile. Almost as if i could see through 'em.
Totally different than my XSF Balls. (But those are not training balls, so hey...)
And the second surprise was: they're not seamless(!!), which gives me another good point to test.
The sound from bouncing on my racket is sounding completely different than any other ball i've heard before. But these are just first impressions, so next i'm heading to our practice hall...
I gave two balls to my teammates for testing and two for me and my practice partner. One of my teammates is more a hitter with mid pips on his backhand. The other one is a spinner. Both of 'em playing more than 30 years. So they know pretty much what they're doing.
My partner is also more of a hitter and driver and myself i would consider myself as a both winged spinner. So we were also able to test durability (after 4 hours of play maybe a bit early, but still...)
Well, my first impressions seemed to be wrong, 'cause the balls seemed to be selected. The roundness was close to perfect, as far as one can tell by eye-sight)
They also seemed pretty spin reactive. And when i say spin reactive i mean spin reactive. My black rubber left marks on one ball. I never had that before, but it was real hot in the hall today...
(The hall doesn't have aircondition)
I'll post some pics of those marks in the thread, so you can see what i mean.


Also the seam didn't seem to have ANY influence on the ball's bounce behaviour.
The bounce was pretty close to my XSF. Maybe not exactly that high, but still very constant. The arc they made while looping was pretty close to my C-Balls, and even closer to my XSF Balls.
Only irritating thing was the sound, but after 3 minutes, i didn't even think about that anymore..
The balls used by my teammates, didn't have any marks on 'em and the one guy's spin contains also a lot of rotation, but still no marks on the ball.
Well, both of 'em said they could hardly tell any difference to the XSF Balls we use every second training session.
But what one could see after they played, the ball was lookin' as if it had a little crack underneath the surface. It wasn't on it's outside, but more on it's inside. (I guess i have to post a pic of this in the thread as well.)
But that absolutely didn't seem to be having any influence on the ball's bounce. My teammates kept on playing with it for at least another hour.

So finding 4 hours is a bit short for a more objective review, i might update this review after some more hours of play.

Since i gonna rate them now, i'm gonna rate them 4 out of 5 stars.

They are almost comparable to competition balls, and seem to be pretty good for training balls.
I actually had competition p-balls that played much worse.

Thanks a lot for your attention.
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says We did it!! 13 hours, 36 minutes and 36 seconds!


says We did it!! 13 hours, 36 minutes and 36 seconds!
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Aug 2010
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5 out of 5 rating for Easy Ball 40+

Here is my video preview on the Butterfly Easy Ball with Tom.

Butterfly have released this new ball made in Germany to combat current issues with many plastic balls. The material used in this plastic ball is unique and actually feels like celluloid. The sound is a lot crisper than I was expecting. When we compared the Easy Ball in comparison to a traditional plastic ball in the bounce test, the Easy ball bounced longer. Impressively when comparing this new ball to a celluloid ball, the Easy Ball still managed to do the same with a higher and longer bounce. As this is a training/youth ball, I am looking forward to the 3* competition ball, this will be interesting.

Conclusion: The easy ball has been developed for youth training, casual play and for robots. This ball will be the first of a new line of products from Butterfly, from a training balls to 3 star balls. This new material certainly has a new feel and sound.

The manufacturing process of this ball is different whereby the ball is made by creating two halves. You can see this on the ball in its raw material colour (see footage).

Butterfly's future 3 star balls will be coloured white like traditional balls. The seam of this new ball has the same thickness as the two halves on the inside and out which creates a very round, high bounce stable ball.
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Jul 2014
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4 out of 5 rating for Easy Ball 40+

Hi all,

So heres my thoughts on the free butterfly balls and also first review.





As like many others I Entered the butterfly easy ball competition, after a period of waiting they arrived!

So here are photos of what I received in the UK. I Compared them with some poly balls I bought this week as well.
There was a definite difference in appearance which some might argue are the quality of the balls... The balls are more dull looking and don't seem to have much of a matt finish to them which is very noticeable compared to the xushaofa balls.
As others have mentioned probably this is because there club practice balls not competition balls.

I heard that butterfly were doing a new batch of poly balls as the original ones weren't very good... Hoped these might be something along the lines of the new ones. (bit early to say but if the durability of these are the same level or better on the newly developed balls id say butterfly are onto a winner!)

In the pictures I also compared them alongside to an 40mm tsp ball as well as a xushaofa brand poly ball.

First impressions bouncing the ball on the table and a few brushes against my rubber, it felt like the balls are more "Lively" than the XSF polyball, so bouncier, but not giving off as much spin on the ball as the old 40mm balls do.
It felt like this would mean a slightly quicker game on the table with the BTY balls compared to the XSF balls or even Joola balls for example.

Joola balls I felt about the same weight (id have thought they all are the same weight though) as the BTY balls but are slow on the table during hits.
XSF balls always fell to me heavier/more dense than the BTY and Joola balls.

when playing with them maybe it was the hall that day, but it sounded like these balls had more of a 40mm ball sound to them. Much less plastic sound that was very noticeable when first switching to polyballs. It felt like the speed of play was faster than when playing with a XSF ball, but still not as fast as the old 40mm. It felt like the ball bounced higher off the table counter looping but also longer across the table too.

Last picture is after say 2-3 minutes knock up of forehands. So we had managed to scuff the ball surface quite easily from hitting the surroundings or edge of blades etc. Its visible (arguably not in the photo - my bad!) that the creases from stress when hitting the edge of the blade, a wall, edge of the table or something else look to be very much "internal to the ball", hard to describe but the old 40 mm balls you could kind of feel the crease on the outside of the ball. Also this did not feel like this "crease mark" effected the play of the ball at all - definitely a bonus!

Joola balls i found went soft spots and warped,
XSF balls on the other hand ive found get soft spots or shatter,
Stiga balls seemed to warp or crack,
Donic balls... never had any luck with these, maybe just a bad batch but they shattered very quickly...

After only a light hit with theses, They do seem better than the Joola ones and definitely other brands with exception to XSF, that said though I think it would be good to see how they get on over time and more play...

Compared to the training polyballs id say i think i probably prefer these,
its hard to make the comparison properly against a 3* ball but id say BTY are definitely onto something here if they let these lead onto new BTY competition balls.
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says http://www.cornilleau-competition.com/EN/index.html
says http://www.cornilleau-competition.com/EN/index.html
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Mar 2011
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5 out of 5 rating for Easy Ball 40+

This must be the new standard for plastic balls, I can not see a future with this not smashing the other brands out of the market. Extraordinary quality, fantastic to play with. It has become more fun to play with these balls, and it feels almost like playing with the good old celluloid balls. Just love it!
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3 out of 5 rating for Easy Ball 40+

I didn't like the bty ball. The ball looks very weird, almost transparent.
The ball is durable and cheap but I found the bounce completely different than the other balls in the league i.e. tibhar, xushoafa.
The sound is also curious, different than the other plastic ball.

I've tried 4 plastic balls (tibhar, xushoafa, joola and bty) and I found this the worst.
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4 out of 5 rating for Easy Ball 40+

I got the balls for free from Butterfly. When you open the box you immediately notice the strange colour the balls have. It is not as white as other balls are but more "dirty" and transparent. However, this does not affect you while playing I think.

For me the balls are very good for training purposes. During four hard training sessions à two hours each one ball broke - I think that is a good result. Moreover, it is really fun to play with the balls. No unpredictable trajectory, consistent jump height and you have a good feeling when hitting the ball (they don't feel as light as other, bad polyballs).

Whereas some people here speak in high terms of the balls' sound, I think they sound rather cheap and you easily hear that these aren't celluloid balls. But again, this does not affect your game in any way.

Highly recommend those balls for daily training purposes, overall good ball from Butterfly, 4 stars.