Energy X-Tra

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Sep 2011
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4 out of 5 rating for Energy X-Tra

This rubber was great on the backhand. It's soft at 37.5 degrees, but it definitely has more of a kick than the Xsoft. Before Tenergy came out this rubber definitely had potential to be a good speed glue replacement. However since it's got a less porous sponge it's nothing compared to rubbers these days. It definitely has a great sound when you're looping with it.

The rubber is super spinny and has a decent kick to it. It's great for mid distance and close to the table. I often recommend this as a BH rubber for anyone who likes to spin and is upgrading from something slower. Once you have good feeling it's a great rubber to upgrade to from say Sriver G3 or any of the beginner rubbers.

After it's been glued for a while it will definitely start to lose it's kick faster than modern rubbers. That's basically what I mean about Old Style Rubbers.

MSRP $54.95
Everyday $49.95
MAP $37.95

If you're in the US I can probably get you a better price PM me.