Epic Table Tennis Videos Megathread Ft. PrincetonPongAlhasan

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Jan 2022
Hello everyone! After some insightful feedback from some members of the community I have decided to create a megathread that will include all my video footage from now onwards in order to keep everything neat and tidy.


PrincetonPongAlhasanA little bit about me:

My name is Alhasan Mohamed. I am obsessed with the sport of Table Tennis and everything around it. I hope to one day become a household name and a commentator for the ITTF/Olympics. I hope to elevate the level of video production in the USA for table tennis and I am starting with my own home club, Princeton Pong. I put my foot in my mouth a lot and say stupid stuff all the time so I ask that you don't take me seriously at all-- but do enjoy the videos that I produce and will likely annoyingly shove in your face. Help me reach 1000 subs on youtube because im bleeding money. If y'all ever have any questions about me or anything that I do ask away.
Disclaimer: This video is heavily edited and chopped up and makes me seem slightly psychotic. I also talked about charity in TT for about 5 hours and they included 0 footage time about it. The media must hate poor people or something.

I am going to be using this thread to post all my new videos from here on out. Cheers! Look forward to getting along with you all :)
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May 2016
I would also put a bunch of these into a compilation video. The short 10 second format does better on YouTube shorts, tiktok, Instagram etc.

Unless you are female with an enticing rump... 😂

People enjoy watching more points per video,, perhaps with specific themes in each video.. backhand blasters... lobs galore... how to serve them out... forehand fireballs... whatever it is.. just a longer video for the viewer to take in.