Equipment price in Taiwan and how to boost H3Neo with organic glue.

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Mar 2020
I am in taiwan now and I was shopping some tt equipment in a taiwanese online marketplace called ruten and there are a lot of different tt equipment (european to chinese) and I bought a 250ml haifu dolphin for 100ntd (3.5USD), along with other things (cj8000 fast and light pro version 260ntd 9usd and a ak47 red 250ntd 8.7usd) and I was wondering how do I boost a h3neo(comercial version) with it since all guides to boost use boosters. I also have a water base glue if it helps with anything...
While I was looking at the website I saw some national and provincial h3 and I want to share the price with you guys.
provincial h3neo blue sponge 38-41 820 ntd (28.59usd)
some personal rubbers of the chinese team, at the website it even has the name of the players and the hardness 2390ntd (83.33usd)
national h3neo bs 1680ntd (58usd)
Everything seems to be original since some of the items have 30+ solds
These are just a few of the high end equipment that I saw there and I want to hear you thoughts about the price and how to tune h3neo.
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