Evolution FX-P

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Sep 2011
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5 out of 5 rating for Evolution FX-P

To understand this shorter review, I ask readers to take a look at my review of Tibhar Aurus.

Evolution series is from soft to hard FX-P, EL-P, MX-P.

Evolution plays like a nice, juicy sheet of Aurus with a little more feel and softness. It matches up with just about any bat you slap it on. I use it for FH on some bats, i usually use Aurus. FX-P does not play as soft as its rating, just like Aurus feel softer than its hard sponge rating. FX-P works best of flexy looping blades. It is simply a dream match there. it will still work on stiffer, faster blades, but MX-P is a dream on those heavy, solid composite blades.

The best attribute of this rubber is the spin you generate in topsin rallies. Hands down, your attacking topspins are more troublesome to the opponent. You are not gunna hit it through him unless it is an easy chance, but wow, the laws of physics you can bend using this rubber is worth it. If you have a player who is pressured and somewhat troubled by your topsins in rallies, slap this dog on your bat and go hunt. You will be suddenly much more to handle in a topspin rally. Opponent will position himself just a tad too far back and then it is OVER. Spin will drop your loops like there is a rock inside the ball and they tend to fall shorter than your opponent is judging them to be.

All the rest of the strokes have good feel and control like Aurus does, but there is a extra "spin" gear on medium and full swings you wont get out of Aurus on semi brush contact. Your serves, pushes, flips, and connecting shots have similar control, but once you do a shot that uses sponge, it is ON.

Soft topspin defense is amazingly a strength. Easy to do over Aurus. Any counter-topspin rally where you are controlling the ball is easier. You wont get Calibra-LT pace outta this rubber with average swing power, but the control and spin allow you to hit it harder and still alnd it on your fast loops. Rubber plays best on soft topspin defense, medium loops, and opening loops that are loaded.
says Hi Brookerbig, thanks for the message - in all honesty...
says Hi Brookerbig, thanks for the message - in all honesty...
Mar 2015
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5 out of 5 rating for Evolution FX-P

Speed 9.0
Spin 9.7
Control 9.8
Tackiness Slightly Tacky
Weight Medium
Sponge Hardness Medium Soft – Softer than MX-P, MX-S and EL-P
Overall 9.6

Thank you all again for those people that messaged me a couple of weeks ago after my review of the TIBHAR Evolution EL-P. I’ve had some other requests, and I’ll get round to them in time - I promise! For now I’m going to review the last in the Evolution range which is the FX-P. I only had one sheet so I played with this rubber on my backhand initially for a while and then twiddled to play with it on my forehand for a while as well. It was quite useful as I could twiddle in between shots and get a good comparison of how it compared to my usual Evolution MX-P rubber.

Everything I’d seen on this rubber was that it was for those players who liked a slightly softer, more controlled version of the other Evolution rubbers, which allowed heavy topspins strokes to be executed with ease, and made controlling easy due to the softer sponge. After my testing, I can without doubt say this is certainly the softest type of the Evolution, and I think some players who like to play with this type of rubber for the controlled attacking topspins will really like the feeling it provides.

This rubber is currently available from my UK sponsors Bribar Table Tennis at a special offer, first 100 sheets sold price of £34.99, reduced from £46.99. You can view and buy it here:


The sheet I got was maximum sponge thickness, the same as the other members of the Evolution family I have tested. The surface ‘feels’ high quality, if that makes sense – when I rub my hand over the top sheet it’s not dissimilar to my MX-P, or the other Evolutions I have tried. I suspected the real difference will be in the sponge, and I was right!

I started with a few backhand drives with my opponent, and straight away the strengths are obvious – it’s so easy to control and feel the ball with. I was able to move my opponent around the backhand side of the table with ease, slight variations to my block were simple to make, and when he started top spinning the ball at me the rubber just absorbed the oncoming spin and speed and made my blocked returns incredibly easy to control. I tried a couple of small re loops and top spin blocks and a couple of soft blocks, and the rubber was really outstanding here, the ball feels like it is staying on the bat for an age! Immediately I can see the all round player who likes to mix the play with varied top spin strokes and blocks will really love the feeling this rubber provides.

I moved onto top spinning the ball to my opponents block. The feeling and control here is really, really good. I’m able to topspin the ball with control and a lovely arc time and time again, playing a medium paced loop feels great, the rubber is so consistent. The rubber sounds brilliant when I’m brushing over the top of the ball, and I can generate some really heavy spin. It’s easy to vary the strokes I’m playing due to the high control the rubber offers, it’s always difficult to say this as every player is different but it just feels incredibly easy to play with.

Just as an experiment, I tried top spinning a couple of balls and then stepping back and chopping a couple, really to test the control. I was hugely impressed, the dwell time was great and I was easily able to chop with very heavy back spin and float the ball back in a controlled manner. Another indicator that this is a really fantastic rubber for the all rounder who likes to mix the game and spins up, it’s really versatile in this respect!

When I’m serving, the soft sponge allows me that much control I feel I can place the ball anywhere on the table with a really good amount of spin without having to worry about keeping the ball short. It’s easy to serve the length I’m trying, which is short and if left second the second bounce would be right on the white line – the area of indecision! Of course, the ‘feeling’ of the rubber is very different to my Evolution MX-P, it’s very obviously different when serving. I can attack the ball much more with my wrist without having to worry about keeping the ball short. The FX-P is very forgiving in this respect.

When my opponent serves, it’s frighteningly easy to touch the return short anywhere I want on the table. His serve is a good length, just short enough without being too short and close to the net, so this should be difficult but the high control rating allows me to touch with ease. Flicking is also made easy, and anybody who flicks with topspin or topspin and side spin will love how the rubber allows you to have that extra split second to perform this stroke. It’s a little trickier to flick straight through the back of the ball, I always find a slightly harder sponge helps here so this is one small disadvantage. If my opponents serve is slightly long, it’s easy to spin up with a really heavily spun top spin shot. This works really well when setting up the strong fourth ball attack shot – it’s not quite as easy to do a direct, hard third ball when his serve drifts just long, so this again leads more to the all round player who likes to rally and set the points up with good, controlled attacking shots.

For speed, I have rated the Evolution FX-P as 9.0. The softer sponge means that although this will still suit attacking players, a little speed is loss in order to gain all that control! Playing topspins from a metre away from the table produces a great arc that will kick heavily and surprise your opponent. Although by no means slow (especially with the Maximum sponge thickness on this particular sheet) it’s certainly the most controlled of the Evolution range. The ‘rebound’ effect is great, it’s very springy and feels brilliant when playing strong consistent topspins.

For spin, I have rated the Evolution FX-P as 9.7. Those players who like to play with heavy topspin, produce heavy spin serves, and receive with heavily back spun push shots will LOVE the feeling the FX-P provides. I could control the ball easily when changing from control to attack, and the amount of back spin I could produce whilst maintaining control was really superb.

For control, I have rated the Evolution FX-P as 9.8. To put this simply – it’s brilliant. The feeling on the ball is great when I’m producing my first topspin shot from a push ball, playing a stronger topspin, receiving or blocking – the feeling provided is superb and makes playing with the FX-P really easy. Serving short or any length is made very simple as you feel like you have so much control, and re looping also feels easy to control and place. Those players who like a nice soft sponge will love attacking with this rubber.

To sum this up, the FX-P is a really great choice for the all rounder or all round attacking player who likes the softer type of sponge to add control and variation to their game. Those players who maybe struggle to control their attacking shots, serves or returning difficult serves – now is the off season, give this rubber a try! You’ll be amazed at the control and amount of spin you can produce. In my opinion, lots of guys especially at local league and lower National League level would really love this (I do actually know of a couple of top pro’s who play with the FX-P also, especially on the backhand) because of the array of shots you can produce and play with control. If you like to topspin, block, flat hit, chop or push heavily as well as serve with heavy spin confidence, this rubber could well be a really god choice for your game. I prefer the harder MX-P for my particular style which is a little more attacking, so I’ll be staying with that but for the all round attacker this could well be the rubber you have been looking for.
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5 out of 5 rating for Evolution FX-P

Hi everyone,

I'd like to give my opinion about the softest version of Evolution rubber, Tibhar Evolution FX-P. I'm pretty curious to how this rubber perform since I've heard and seen many good reviews about this rubber, so I decided to buy one sheet from tt-shop on my neighborhood and start to replace my old Mark V rubber with Tibhar Evolution FX-P. The result of my experiment is like this :

The speed is not really shining, but i found that it's good enough for me to control the game. Tibhar Evolution FX-P offer almost the same speed of Mark V but with more catapult effect on it. I felt the rubber has a longer trajectory compared to Mark V rubber I used before.

The soft sponge help me to generate a lot of spin without too much effort either from close or mid distance. The amount of spin I can generate also increasing using this rubber. It's also very easy for me to do a very short spinny serve without too much brushing action. Thanks to great soft sponge.

I think this rubber is very forgiving. One of my weakness is I'm really easy to get out of position. Using Tibhar Evolution FX-P I can return the ball with higher percentage event though I slightly mishit the ball. The amount of consistency also incredible and it's so fun to play with. Pushing & blocking also good because this rubber is not sensitive to incoming spin. I found that i can control the incoming spin from my opponent serve easier with this rubber.

To sum up, I think this is a very great rubber for someone who looking for a faster rubber with great control and spin. Very user friendly and suitable for both FH and BH side. A little by litte of my friends starts to change to this rubber because of it's extraordinary performance.
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Apr 2014
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5 out of 5 rating for Evolution FX-P

So after using the FX-P for three months, I've decided to write a short review of the rubber.

Like Der_Echte said, this rubber seems to pair better with more flexier blades. This was not controllable for on my ZJK ALC and I had much better spin on the Earth 1. The ball was just rocketing out of the blade with poor spin. It pairs much better with a blade, where the contact time is longer. Keep in mind that I mainly used it for my backhand.

1. Serve and receive

Serves have very good spin and receiving is a piece of cake with this rubber. I really liked pushing long with this rubber on my backhand. The short push and the banana flip were also very good with this rubber.

2. Opening attack

You can't do a hard topspin with this rubber while opening against backhand. You have a wait patiently and spin the ball as it starts to drop. If you can do that, you will have a lot of spin. However, I still feel that I was able to generate more spin with harder rubbers but your technique has to be good for that. My weakness is actually the forehand and I've always had a knack for the backhand stroke. Therefore, I would recommend this as a backhand rubber for those who want something to support their relatively weaker backhand.

3. Blocking

Blocking is incredibly easy with this rubber. Coming from harder rubbers, I was surprised at how much margin for error this rubber gives me. You just need to get the timing and angle sort of ok, and the block works well.

I found chop-blocking better with harder rubbers but that's such a minor part of my game that it doesn't even matter.

4. Half distance

The rubber really shines from a step or two behind the table. You can spin the ball like crazy from off the table. I was sometimes surprised when I hit a ball perhaps a meter over the net and it still dropped down and hit the opponent's side. You won't be able to overpower your opponent with speed like with the T64 but you can overpower him with spin!

5. Counter-attacking

I found harder rubbers better at this. I counter with topspin and I have more precision with harder rubbers.


I think a great rubber for those who block and flat hit from the backhand or for those who play a little further back with lots of topspin. Doesn't suit shorter, explosive strokes that much. More suited for longer strokes with good acceleration.
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4 out of 5 rating for Evolution FX-P

This is a fantastic rubber for both FH/BH. Ill say BH is better.

Control and blocking is great. Short game is excellent and flicks/punches are easy. Serves are spinny and shots are powerful and fast

Despite being the softest in the evolution series, it feels more like medium.
Its slightly more difficult to lift underspin as the topsheet is not as grippy for the loops. But easily adjusted and is easy after that. Just need more effort
Loses power after mid and far distance. This is due to medium throw angle and diffulty of lifting

Great close to the table rubber especially for the BH. lacks power in mid-long distance even with JM ZLC. Great for punching and flicks as well.
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Jul 2016
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5 out of 5 rating for Evolution FX-P

Hello Everybody body, I have tested the Tibhar Evolution Fx-p on the Backhand in 1.9 mm to 2.0 mm.

First I can say, this Rubber is really great and has got a grippy Top sheet. On the packaging says that the Rubber has got 39 to 42 degrees. When I have played the Rubber my first opinion said me that the Rubber has a Lot of spin and feels really soft. Topspins against Topspins where difficult because I had to use Lot of my arm to bring the Ball on the other side. In Short to Short game the Fx-p has really good Control and for the First Topspins playing against Backspin the Evolution was brilliant. I think all in all the Rubber is for Players who want a good soft Rubber which cost not so much and is good to make Backspin.
says Ok. If you're interested tell me something. Regards
says Ok. If you're interested tell me something. Regards
May 2013
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5 out of 5 rating for Evolution FX-P

It's my BH rubber (from 1,7-1,8m to 1,9-2mm, always with 2-3 layers of Falco).
Really great for near the table fast topspins and blocks (passive or hard blocks).
It has a good arc (my blade isa Cornilleau AeroSoft Carbon Off+ with low trow) and it's not too heavy.
It also chops well in the table and itis very predictable.
Will try FX-S to see if it has a little bit more spin when brushing
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Mar 2014
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4 out of 5 rating for Evolution FX-P

The Tibhar Evolution FX-P is clearly the softest of the six Evolution rubbers and also the lightest at 46 grams cut to the 157 x 150 mm test blade. However, it feels significantly harder than other 40-degrees rubbers, such as the Gewo nanoFLEX FT40, and is only one gram lighter than the significantly harder-sponged Nittaku Fastarc C-1, Gewo nanoFLEX FT45, and Donic Acuda Blue P1. Unlike the minimally harder FX-S, the FX-P has a distinctly mushier feel and a more pronounced catapult, while being similarly fast. FH drives can be executed in a controlled manner and are accompanied with a distinct clicking sound. FH loops produce an even louder sound but seem to be less spinny than the FX-S and follow a flatter arc. As a result, I had to use a more upward motion, especially when looping against heavy backspin, which was easy to adjust to. Read our full review here.