Fang Bo amusing live stream

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Jan 2013
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Fang Bo recently did a live stream broadcast to answer fans' questions. His frank answers toward other TT players are amusing but also provocative to many. Some wonder how he can keep his life with his big mouth. :p

This is the edit version with part translation below.

Does LGL has 1.6m tall?

I have not measured and not dare to ask. Probably...1.6...something.

Why KLH not happy dating Ma Su?

You have to ask KLH. I really don't know...

Ma Lin is old. He is bald. Can't play anymore. Ma Lin at his peak, I would say he can't beat Ma Long and ZJK.

ZJK's condition is pretty good. Much better than before. ZJK's physical condition is natural born and simply the best. But his touch is probably not as good as ML and XX.

Did LSW and ZJK married?


Short sight can play TT. XX is short sighted. I don't know why he is good at playing far from table. He can't see the ball but he can hit it back. He does not wear glasses when playing but wear in normal days. A strange person. I don't know how he can do it. By feel may be. Just like a blind person. You can't see but you will feel everything is fine.

ML and ZJK? I think ML's skill is.....the strongest.

Hao Shuai...I is true...that he had been slaped once...ha ha ha...

Who is the most narcissism? I is ZJK and XX.

I believe Men Team B can't beat Women Team A these days. I believe so.

Who is the most beautiful in Women Team? I see they are all about the same. There is no good looking girl who play TT. Not many....ha ha ha.

ZYL the most beautiful? Are you her relative?

My relationship with LSW is pretty good. I won't date her.

I have play with LXX, about eight years ago in 2008. I won.

Anyone like Mima Ito? Good taste.

Ishikawa? Alright when young. But now, a bit....bad...ha ha. :(

In the full length video, he show us his racket @11:35. Can anyone made out which white sponge BH rubber he is using?

Fang Bo BH rubber.jpg