Fastarc C-1

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Mar 2014
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4 out of 5 rating for Fastarc C-1

The Nittaku Fastarc C-1 feels marginally harder to the touch than the P-1, which is surprising given the softer sponge and lower weight (47 grams, 157 x 150 mm). The C-1 shares the spongy feel of the P-1 on fast FH shots. FH drives are reasonably crisp and can be played in a very controlled manner but dwell time is slightly extended relative to harder rubbers. The rubber’s medium-high to high throw provides plenty of safety over the net when executing FH loops against heavy backspin. Loops have a respectable level of spin on them – just like with the other Fastarc rubbers, the sponge and topsheet seem to work in perfect harmony with each other, instilling a sensation of control into the player. I was able to hit loops with a lot of topspin-sidespin variation from mid-distance and with greater confidence than with any other rubber, save for Fastarc’s G-1. For our full review, click here.
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5 out of 5 rating for Fastarc C-1

This rubber is a beautiful alternative to Fastarc G-1 for those who prefer rubbers of medium softness.
It provides a lot of safety for looping backspin balls and has a great balance of speed, spin, and control.
Another bonus: It weighs less that G-1, as expected. Perhaps I am imagining this, but the top sheet seems just a little softer than that of G-1.
A great, well-balanced rubber.
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Feb 2019
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5 out of 5 rating for Fastarc C-1

Very easy to control rubber without any weaknesses, but also without any real strenghts.
The Fastarc C1 has got a medium sponge that performs well with an allround offensive playing style. Topspins, even on heavy underspin, are easy to play. Passive blocks and counters can be played without effort. It also provides decent spin in all situations. Compared to T05 or Fastarc G1, the rubber is less sensitive to incoming spin.
all in all a very good and quite easy to play rubber for everything. The only bad thing about it is, that it does everything good, but nothing extraordinary.