fastarc g1 + stratus power wood???

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Feb 2019
I have tried MXP on a friend's blade. He was using a DHS PG7 and the combo worked well for me.

I have also tried Fastarc G1 on a few of my blades and I end up removing it and replacing it with Rakza 7 (the rubber I have on hand). The reason being, the Fastarc G1 is a bit faster than R7 which is fine. It also seems to offer a tiny bit more spin than R7. My issue with G1 is many times I feel less confident with it. Perfect shots are better than R7, but less than perfect shots don't seem to be. Maybe they are, but there is something "off" with the feel of G1 on some shots. This is hard for me to explain. The R7 for me just feels more consistent. What I mean is the actual feeling of the setup is more consistent. The quality of my shots might be equal with both rubbers, I just get more consistent feedback using R7 over G1. I hope this makes sense.

Again, I did enjoy using my friend's PG7 with MXP, but the weight of MXP has kept me from buying it for my own setups. The weight is more of a concern to me than the reported loss of power due to the factory booster wearing off.

Good luck choosing.....
I have used mxp a lot of times in the past with the spw and combo works very fine. Also, they are of the same brand.

Yogi bear do you use mxp?And how will this blade do with rasanter r47 max on both sides?Sorry for bombarding you guys with questions.:p