Feeding left handed players

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Sep 2016
As a right handed player I am not sure how to feed a left handed player . All the videos I see all show right to right. Feeding short to a left hander forehand seems impossible
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Aug 2016
Hello stanlycam:

Welcome to TTD!

Not sure what you mean by 'feed' as well as 'right to right.'

When I warm up with a lefty, one of us will hit FH to the other's BH and then vice versa. Sometimes one of us will hit 'down the line' to make it FH to FH or BH to BH (is this what you meant by 'right to right'?)

Most Lefties I hit with would warm up FH to BH and BH to FH first.

The more experienced TTDers will chime in on feeding short to lefty's FH.

Again, welcome to TTD!
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Interesting as I'm a left handed but non of my right handed partners have any issue feeding short balls on their normal side. If you really can't do it then i suggest going over to the other side of the table and feed using your left hand instead. It may feel off but you're just feeding balls and not playing a proper match anyway so it should not matter much. Just remember that you are feeding balls so you don't always have to give 100% of your strength. Do come forward to the side of the table, I've seen some players feed on the long side of the table directly opposite of their partner and it was not as effective as they lose control on the balls they are feeding (ball crosses 2 tables instead of one) and they are constantly dodging balls after their partners received them. Needless to say their worlds changed when i recommended them to stand at the side. I also recommend changing your grip to something more comfortable, I personally hold it like how you would hold a blade when performing a pendulum serve (Only thumb and index holding blade). Sometimes even with all of my fingers on touching the blade as if i was a penhold player.

Edit: I assume you doing multiball, if not then ignore what i say :D
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Sep 2013
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I have no problem feeding short to any side. I guess the right hander just needs to practice more. I don't agree feeding with the left hand as quality of ball will not be good enough. If you still struggle, then just stand by the centre of the ball and feed from there. If you have the touch, you can feed short from any where, well almost :)