Fire Fall VC

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Oct 2015
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5 out of 5 rating for Fire Fall VC

l bought this cos l got a v cheap used deal... v carbon has not been used in blades before / touted as the hardest known carbon .by victas every one knows or aramid/arylite or zlc is also very expensive ... l have had hits with the butterfly boll ALC and j jike alc and innerforce zlc and used gewo force arc and joola aruna blades so this is a bit faster than all..regarding the boll alc and j jike alc the vc is stiffer thou the carbon layer is next to the core [odd ] the arc is more flat than all butterfy s ..... j, jike alc has the highest arc ..the vc seems most like the inner force zlc but faster [has the carbon next to the core too.]. somehow the feel on blocks is so great l have to use it as my blade now .. have to really close the blade on loops [horizontal] to keep on the table with tenergy 05 seems like a limba outer ply of 7 ply layers . maybe a lucky find of a unknown blade ... anyone else who has used this vc blade ??
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5 out of 5 rating for Fire Fall VC

I have tried this blade (new design 2018: with other players using different pimple in rubbers (we tried also the AC version to make a comparision): Joola Rhyzer Pro 50 2.0mm, Donic Z1 Turbo 2.1mm, Xiom Omega 7 Asia 2.0mm and Max, Xiom Omega 7 Tour 2.0mm, Rasanter R50 2.0mm. As pimples out rubbers only Andro Blowfish Plus 1.8mm and Victas VO>103 1.6mm because they are the best rubbers (for me) for both aggressive and allround style of playing. For short pimple players the Firefall VC is the best blade specially with Victas VO>103: it's also suited for strong topspin and countertopspin players at the table. On drives and blocks with the short pimple the ball sink very low on the table and the trajectory is very unpleasant for the opponent. You can do what you want: short blocks, fast blocks, side blocks, passive blocks, soft topspin and you will always have a very good control. With the Blowfish you have a best disturbing effect but lower control.The throw angle of the blade is medium, the power and control are outstanding and also the amount of spin. Also the speed is very good and it’s for that we used specially rubbers with thickness 2.0mm (except one Max), they are fast enough. Each rubbers have different features, but all of them give a big amount of spin. On serves the spin is wonderful, you keep the ball low and with a huge amount of spin. Also in short shots like return of serves or short-short play in backspin the blade is fantastic. Depend on your style you can find the rubber who fits perfectly for you. For smashes and soft opening topspins, for example, the best combination is with Z1 Turbo and R50; for strong forward topspins over the table is with Omega 7 Tour because has the strongest catapult and grip; ecc. for the other rubbers. The blade is stiff but you have evenly a very good touch feeling.

The Firefall AC is better for rallies and spin oriented players. This blade is nearly stiff and has a very good touch feeling (less stiff than VC blade). The speed and power are similar with the VC blade, it has a higher throw angle, so the short pimples have a little higher trajectory than VC but always low. Because its throw, this blade is better for players who like to play continuous topspins and countertopspins. The serves are wonderful too with this blade. One of the best rubber to use with this blade is the Xiom Omega VII Asia, but also the others fit perfectly.

At the end of the tests all the players agreed that the Firefall VC is better for short pimples players: however some spin oriented player liked more the VC than AC, but we know the tastes are subjective. I personally love the VC, but I play very good also with the AC and the same thing is for the other players. I can highly recommend these blades, the workmanship is very good and the features are at the top. They are really a wonderful blades, bye everybody!!