First league game

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went really well!
was pleasantly surprised at the welcoming friendly atmosphere of the preston bowls Brighton team!(they even gave us biscuits!)
managed to get consecutively better as i came out of my shell after loosing two games i finally won!(1-3,2-3,3-1)

the second game was really up for contention as i went 2-1 up at one point but unfortunately pissed it away in a process of learning to play my way not cater to my opponent!

all in all the lads we played were lovely, we both cheered on good shots from both sides and gasped at almost but not quites..

hoping for more similar games is possible in the future!
I know exactly how you feel mate, I played in the summer league in Birmingham after a 4 year gap and for the first part of the league I was winning the odd game here and there but I started to get back into it and my confidence rose and by the end of the league I had brought it back to a 50% win to loss ratio.
I have trained hard at my club and also attend another club (which makes a huge impact to your game) and now in the winter league so far not only am I unbeaten I have only dropped one set in total. Just remember that when you lose a couple of matches per game take a note of their names and train hard at least twice per week and try to beat them when you play them next, also set yourself mini goals during the league for example say that from now to Xmas you want to win 60% of your games and when you hit your target your confidence will rise astronomically which will give you the edge in your future games.

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Dec 2013
My first league game was terrible experience. I went back to table tennis after a 20 years break. I had a few training sessions before the match and was up against 3 senior players, all seems to be 65+. During the match, all my strong forhand loop goes to the air and some of my block strangely goes to the net. I lost badly all three games but I didn't feel my opponents play any better than me. It was frustrating. At the end of the game I have been told that they all use long pimple rubbers, and long pimple reverse the spin...
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