FS: Treiber CI & Timo Boll ALC setup, Nice Rubbers

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1. Treiber CI OFF ST 88g + Hybrid K3 Black + MX-P Red (both Max)

[bcolor=#fbfbfd]- Brand new blade, and brand new rubbers (used 1 hour, perfect knife cut).[/bcolor]
[bcolor=#fbfbfd]- Plays like Ovtcharov ALC with normal head size (in between IF ALC and IF ZLC speed, with ALC feel). [/bcolor]
[bcolor=#fbfbfd]- I prefer Viscaria for BH, but this is a superior inner carbon blade by far. Best I've played with.[/bcolor]
[bcolor=#fbfbfd]- Great rubbers, I use them on my main setup after recent trial & error.[/bcolor]

[bcolor=#fbfbfd]Images: https://imgur.com/a/r5swzPg[/bcolor]
[bcolor=#fbfbfd]Price: £105 (comes as a package only)[/bcolor]

[bcolor=#fbfbfd]2. Timo Boll ALC (Old Version) FL 92g + Hybrid K3 Black + MX-P Red (both Max)[/bcolor][bcolor=#fbfbfd]- Old version TB ALC with great feeling/weight - one tiny ding on top (no effect on gluing/play).[/bcolor][bcolor=#fbfbfd]- For some reason a small 'fade' mark on the Hybrid K3 Black, used for only 2 sessions, MX-P just 1.[/bcolor][bcolor=#fbfbfd]- I prefer Viscaria very slightly over this, but this is the best TB ALC I've played with.[/bcolor][bcolor=#fbfbfd]- Great rubbers, I use them on my main setup after recent trial & error.[/bcolor] [bcolor=#fbfbfd]Images: https://imgur.com/a/TtLBSEH[/bcolor][bcolor=#fbfbfd]Price: £175 (blade only, £128)[/bcolor][bcolor=#fbfbfd]____________________________________________________________________________[/bcolor][bcolor=#fbfbfd]3. Rubbers [/bcolor][bcolor=#fbfbfd]1 hour/like new Butterfly Tenergy 64 (red, 2.1) - £38 (vs new £60)[/bcolor][bcolor=#fbfbfd]2-3 sessions/mint Victas V15 Extra (blue, max) - £22 (vs new ~£40)[/bcolor][bcolor=#fbfbfd]5-6 sessions Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard (red, 2.1) - £24 (vs new £60)[/bcolor][bcolor=#fbfbfd]5-6 sessions MX-D (red, max) - £16 (vs new ~£40)[/bcolor] [bcolor=#fbfbfd]Special: Take all for £85 (vs £100 separately)[/bcolor] [bcolor=#fbfbfd]Images: https://amazon.co.uk/photos/share/f4F0ZSnQNlVjcjkpWiVzwDCnq23gGVpBNe659kk6mXZ[/bcolor][bcolor=#fbfbfd]____________________________________________________________________________[/bcolor][bcolor=#fbfbfd]Shipping costs and minor volume negotiations will be done on a case-by-case basis. [/bcolor] [bcolor=#fbfbfd]To reach me quicker, WhatsApp me at +447711112509. But PM me and I will respond asap.[/bcolor][bcolor=#fbfbfd]espond asap.[/bcolor]
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