FT/FS: Heavy Viscaria

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Apr 2013
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I would like to trade my Viscaria fl to Xiom 365, Tibhar Powerspin Carbon, Viscaria or an other outer alc blade with fl handle and weight around 85g. My Viscaria is around 90g local Bty dealer marked the blade as 89g but my own scale says 92g. Blade has very little ding and nice scaly outer layer. The blade has excellent control and lots of speed. The reason for the trade is that I have long history with my wrist and it seems that my wrist cant handle such a weight.
I prefer a trade but I’m also willing to sell it for 110€ + post. Shipment from Finland.

ps. Otherside of the blade has some ink from Tibhar rubber (wonder why Tibhar rubbers leaves ink to the blade). I believe that it is possible to remove with nail polisher.

more pictures by e-mail.

Thank you for watching
EDIT: I have these two black rubbers to add to the deal. Max Tenergy 19 played about 10h. Noticable fingermar from serving but other than that excellent condition. Tibhar K3 2mm played about 5h and boosted with 1 layer of Falco Tempo long. I’m willing to give these rubbers and my Viscaria for a Xiom 365 of Freitas/Maze alc in good condition.

pps. I don´t have any sellers feedback in this site but feel free to check my feedback from mytt and deal with the trust:)


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Jul 2017
I wonder if Finland is an issue here. That is definitely a nice blade but I wonder what is the cost to ship from Finland for example to central Europe.