Full Video - A Day in the Lives of Cathay Table Tennis Team

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Sep 2013
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still not a perfect video, but long overdue.

I wanted to share a true story - the only private company in the world that has devote decades in the development of the sport and grooming many WR top 10 players (each age group junior/youth world ranking) for as long as I can remember.
the kids get trained, educated, accommodation, meals etc from this company and even gets "income", and because of that, I personally feel it is my responsibility to let the world know of this great company - Cathay Life. Next time you see a player with the Great Tree of Cathay on their shirts, you know its a Cathay player!

If only we can have 1 of such corporate in each country, the world of table tennis would be so much better.

PS. these are also the players donating. So i'm beyond words.
I am grateful to have met them many years ago and call them my friends.

hope you enjoy it.