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Dec 2012
Hey guys! I had been using tenergy 80 on both sides of my paddle but felt like I was lacking some control or my forehand and bite on my serve so I changed my forehand side to evo fx-p. I'm not here to debate the merits of tenergy vs evo vs anything else so whether it actually should have helped or not I feel like it did haha. My question is that, since I dont see or hear about a lot of players using fx-p, am I shooting myself in the foot by using it instead of mx or el-p? I really do like the extra control and spin I get by not it not producing as much power, but I don't know if thats just fx-p or if the whole series is like that. I play agressive topspin from both sides, but I've always shied towards more controlled offense - Zlf instead of Alc, 2.1 instead of max, ect. Does anyone have experience with more than one evo rubber and what are some of the differences? Thanks in advance