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Oct 2019
I learned the history about pong balls.

I knew we used to use 38mm selulose (non-poly) ball, but that's no more

After that we moved to 40mm (still selulose) ball (marked 40)

And recently we moved to poly-ball that is slightly larger than 40mm (marked 40+)

And about its star rating that ranging from 1 to 3 (from ittf).

I wasn't always this aware that I bought nittaku yellow 40 3 stars ittf approved (i only searched what's cheap) but I never really liked the feeling. However, I always used my friend's balls (she used G40+ butterfly) and I like it much better. After doing a bit researching now I realize why I dislike my "yellow ball" and I perfectly know the reason and difference between mine and hers (because mine was 40mm old selulose ball, not poly - but good relief tho I am already liking poly ball without really trying while maybe other still love 40 and just can't move on to new poly-ball).

But there are many...poly-ball(?) Like G40+, A40+, V40+ ? I understand the 40+ part but kind of confused with G, A, V, or whatever.
I kinda know that it's just branding (butterfly, double fish, etc), but I even read in forum that many hates G40+ and calls it worst / not poly-ball.

I mean, what nonsense is that, I know I haven't really tried other poly ball (I have played with DHS 40+ and Tibharr several times, but yeah..), but I personally think G40+ is okay (it's ittf approved, after all right?)

Maybe there's something to be discussed here? Comparison, etc...

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Jan 2018
Blame this dude for the 40+ mess.

Spank this dude for pushing the 40mm.

Anyway. Strictly speaking, there are only 3-star balls for international competitions. The 1-star and 2-star are designations by the manufacturers for balls that don't meet the specs for 3-star.

There are ONLY 5 manufacturers in the world that produce balls. 3 in China(Double Happiness, Double Fish, and XuShaoFa), 1 in Japan(Nittaku) and 1 in Germany(Weener Plastics).

DHS, DFish and Nittaku have been producing balls for ages. XSF and Weener Plastics are newcomers. DHS/DFish have the best bang for the buck.

For 40+, there are 2 types - seamed and seamless. For seamed, there are 2 types of material - cellulose acetate and ABS. For seamless, it could be made of a multitude of material.

40+ without the letter, seamed and made in China - cellulose acetate. Deprecated and not used for international competitions anymore.

40+ seamed and made in Japan - ABS. Nittaku Premium 40+. First ABS ball to be marketed in 2014. Regularly used for international competitions.

D40+, V40+, A40+ etc. seamed and made in China - ABS. DHS D40+, DFish V40+... The others are rebranded. Frequently used for international competitions.

G40+ seamed and made in Germany - could be ABS, SBC, MBS, MABS, PC, PS or a combination of those.

S40+ seamed and made in Germany - ABS.

Seamless and made in China - mostly PC the last time I checked.
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Feb 2017
The new T3 will probably be approved by the BoD next thursday. The main goal is to narrow the range of tolerances for several properties as indicated in the table below, taking into account existing improvements in manufacturing. It should also be more difficult to bring "look-a-like-balls" to the market.

New T3.jpg
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