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Sep 2011
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4 out of 5 rating for Genius

Tibhar Genius is another one of those modern SGE rubbers that doesn't come close to glue feel, spin or performance... but don't hate on this rubber, even the market leader for almost a decade (Tenergy) doesn't either. There is no out of the packet rubber that will be just like, or even close to the old glory days so get over Ur drunk y'all, you are all barking up the wrong tree.

What Genius does is provide stability, control and spin to all your shots. Top end gear is not a rocket, like say Calibra LT, but what Genius does well is everything... with great control and spin. It will not set a speed record, not will it generate heavy spin with a weak stroke (like T05 does), but if you want an allround rubber that does everything, but with more pace and spin than the market benchmark standard (Sriver) this is your rubber. Genius will perform on ANY blade you slap it on (just like T05 perms well on whatever blade) so you know what you are getting and can depend on it. Nexy Korea president likes to use this rubber on one side of his display test blade models in his HQ in Seoul. Same reason, good allround OFF performance that will let you know what is good or bad with the blade.
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Jan 2016
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4 out of 5 rating for Genius

Genius is medium speed. Its slower than rakza 7. It has got good spin and control. It have good catapult (but lower than rakza 7 ). Its good for all styles.
I played with it on Zoran Primorac OFF-. I was happy with it :) Photos: