Golden Tango

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Jul 2020
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5 out of 5 rating for Golden Tango

Golden Tango was the first "hybrid type rubber that I tried, used on my BH side. Un-boosted.

I used max sponge thickness, red topsheet, sponge is a hard 54 degree pink sponge.
Topsheet is reasonably tacky, more than D09C.
The rubber and sponge feels hard when you compress between thumb and index finger. Sponge looks dense, small bubbles.
I didn't weigh this rubber, but once on the blade it felt quite heavy, blade used was a Joola TPE Perform, FH rubber was H8.

Spin levels are high for serving, topspin drive and loop. Great short game control, slightly spin sensitive, but this can be the case with tacky rubbers.
This rubber may feel 'dead when compared to an ESN or Spring sponge, but its not a slow rubber, it has good speed capabilities, the more you put in the more you get out of this rubber.
When I tried it on FH side, where more power is available, loops are fast and spin loaded. Good forward 'kick', Throw angle, I think is medium, medium/low.

Opening topspin v backspin
BH - very good for flatter trajectory/ fast openers, slow very spinny higher trajectory openers not so easy. The flatter openers, are due to the throw angle.
FH - good for both, but effort is required to get speed. (I find it easier to play a higher spin loaded shot on FH side)

BH - block - great control, solid feeling, fast and firm blocks are easier, softer blocks just require a softer touch, active blocks can add spin easily.
BH - push/short game - very good control, ball doesn't 'pop' up easily, once you get use to the spin sensitivity, you can play nice controlled short pushes, long attacking pushes, no spin higher spin pushes etc Easy to keep the ball low during short game exchanges.

BH - very good spin levels when brush looping,
BH - drive - good but better with spin.
BH - flat hitting - average, this rubber performs better when spin is applied.
BH - chop - chops are playable, good spin, not so controllable.
BH - flick - not a shot I'm proficient at !!!! Mid/low throw makes it slightly more difficult.

Overall I liked this rubber alot, ended up using 2 or 3 sheets, which is the most of any one rubber that I have used so far!!! Rated as 5☆ but its 4 1/2☆
Review is BH orientated because that's where my experience with this rubber is.