Goodbye Ding Ning

says Yes, and I'm looking for a new sheet of Rozena at 1.9.
says Yes, and I'm looking for a new sheet of Rozena at 1.9.
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Jan 2017
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Well, I hope she will find a new life in which she’s much much more than a trophy wife to some or other magnate. A life on her own terms. A life in balance. Like I would hope for everybody, really.
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Jun 2016
Well said, yoass. How many times have we seen retiring women players from the CNT going into marriages with fatcats in what is likely a loveless relationship of vacant material convenience.
One has to reflect on what kind of a life these women have led.
Having sacrificed (or been coerced into sacrificing) the majority of their lives up till then in the name of TT, exiled from their families for long periods, and for many, sacrificing their own individual accomplishments in the name of national success, they deserve to be free to have a life on their own terms. Those who rebel (He Zhili comes to mind) are vilified as state traitors.
I am gonna miss her. Not just the incredible player and a character, but also the loveliest girl among the Chinese team(for me)

If she has her hair a bit longer, she would be more gorgeous.

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