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Sep 2022
Some positive updates of SANWEI CS Handle blades 🏓

In our meticulous observations, we have noticed a challenge faced by players using the Chinese Pen handle when executing the Reverse Penhold Backhand🤔. Due to the relatively short length of the penhold handle, a significant portion of the sweet spot tends to be obstructed by the fingers.:( As a solution, we have proportionally increased the blade face of the penhold racket, expanding the sweet spot. This adjustment aims to make it easier for penhold players to showcase their technical proficiency by providing a more accommodating space for their unique style.(y)

Compared to the old version, the sweet spot of the new version is larger and more reasonable. It is further away from the red area where your fingers are placed, making it harder for the ball to hit your hand.👇

---------------SANWEI CS Blades in old version------------------------------SANWEI CS Blades in NEW version------------
This refinement is designed to offer penhold players a broader range of hitting, allowing them to execute backhand movements with increased fluidity and precision during matches. 😎We believe that this subtle adjustment will empower penhold players to wield their rackets with greater ease, showcasing their distinctive skills. On our unwavering path toward excellence, every refinement is made to elevate players to higher levels of performance.🔥

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