Handling high heavy-topspin balls

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Much more info in the form of text, diagrams and videos in the article. Here is a summary

4. A (really simple) summary

  • try to hit the ball off the bounce at net height OR
  • if you are away from the table, take a step back and rip through the ball in the descending phase around the net height
  • close your blade angle almost completely
  • the counterloop is always possible, the block (with or without spin evasion) after the bounce, the punch block before the highest point
Tips to reduce common errors:

  • right foot slightly in front for backhand block for a good backswing
  • keep your blade angle closed while hitting or moving forward
  • hit the ball during the swings midpoint
  • remember that “kicking” balls are likely to happen
Good luck :D .
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I have ALWAYS advocated blocking the ball off the bounce. Whatever the spin, block off the bounce, it is more certain and secure, plus it is easier to control the spin plus you get angles and time pressure.

I prefer to let the heavy slow topsin ball bounce ove rthe height of the net before I counter it. you can borrow the spin and no need to crush the ball, your impact is enough plus the spin power you are borrowoing. You have to be in position and correctly read the depth of the abll. You position yourself too far back and you will be introuble, ditto for crowding the table too.
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