On April 14th the day before the CTTA realised the participants list for the World Championships, a reporter phoned Hao Shuai. Hao new straight away what the decisions were and he told the reporter there was no chance he was going to be picked for the singles. Hao said his only chance ould be the mixed doubles. Hao Shuai tone was said to be very calm without a trace of complaint says the reporter.


Photo by: An Sang Ho

Over the last few years Hao has learned to accept the decisions that are made in front of him. Complaining won't change anything. Rather then complaining he just focuses on training hard and that he will still give it his all in the mixed doubles in Rotterdam and thats his only hope of becoming a world champion. He doesnt want to give up on this title.

According to reports the head coaches studied Hao Shuai in closed training sessions for the mens team in Xiamen. The coaches said he is a rather fierce force with a real passion for table tennis, shows perseverance and possesses a keen perception. The report said Hao Shuai is a significant force against the top players in internal competitions such as the Chinese Super League. However, with each international competition, especially during critical moments, his performance causes the coaches to feel again that they really over-estimated him. A quote that is used for Hao, "The food is flavorless, but it's a shame to throw it out." Basically the National team need him for his distinctive left handed style which is similar to Timo Boll. His function is a practice partner in the team.

Hao Shuai will be paring with Mu Zi in the mixed doubles in the WTTC 2011. Its a great opportunity, maybe not one Hao intended but an opportunity not to throw away.

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