Have you started to play again?

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Nov 2016
I am having my first private lesson in months in NSW Australia. Club play is opening up next week I believe.
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Jan 2017
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Resumption of in-door sports activities as of july 1 received the green light yesterday in our little delta. Pandemics being global, I find it very alarming that things seem to be spiralling beyond the point of control very rapidly across the pond. We will all suffer very badly for the shortcomings of a few.

That being said, we prepare for the worst as well as the best. I'm very much consumed by digesting and overlaying the various high-level protocols that are being formulated and formalised. We need concrete interpretations for each location, and local government sign-off prior to commencing.

The protocols contain many painful measures. Not just by allowing singles play only. Requiring prior reservation, registration, ingress and egress flow separation raises a few barriers and chips away at the important incentive of socialisation. Hard times.
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Feb 2020
We started in Texas on June 1st. Large building, hand sanitizer, face masks (with filter), clean the tables, etc... Also it helps that I put varnish on my entire blade, I can wash it with detergent after playing. Also washing and disinfecting the balls & shoes after playing, no doubles, distancing, etc. Also same <10 people, none of them partying ==> Acceptable risk.