Help about new rubbers

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Mar 2020
Hello, i'm seeking your help as i don't know what rubbers i could chose next as i've been playing with
  • FH : sriver FX 1.9 black
  • BH : neos sound 2.0 red
  • Donic waldner senso carbon (which i'll change to the ultra, a bit faster)
Both rubbers with 3 layers of booster and glued with VOC glue.

My Fh has more of a control/rotation topspin and my BH topspin has as much rotation but is way faster. I also like to block and drop shot (my favorite is when the ball's so short it hits the table twice).

What i'm looking for are faster rubbers (as i have to do huge movements to give the ball the spin and speed i want) but still quite soft because i like the feeling, but i've never played with harder rubbers and i still am open to them, i just don't know what to look for.
Tenergy's look tempting but way too expensive for me.

Thank you for reading me and taking your time to help me!