Help me choose a new blade

hi everyone, long time since i get engaged on the forum. i need help to choose a blade

in 2022 i ve used DHS Hurricane HAO 656 who a friend gave me. but sadly in march the blade broke on the handle and on some parts of the top ply. i tested some blades like:
ma lin carbon, ma lin extra offensive and yasaka rifle, yinhe pro 01, timo boll alc and mazunov, loki violent v7, dhs pg7

i do not liked the carbon blades and 7 ply woods blade, in the carbon i loose a little feeling of the ball and the feeling of the sweet spot, for the 7ply they are thicker, heavier much more hard and stiff, almost no feeling when looping or topspining, liked block and punch but not my thing.

for playstyle: im chinese penholder, i play on a simple way, attack first and create opportunites to attack first on a underspin ball and consistent spinny forehand topspin. if i cannot attack first, i try to counter attack or active block, im not the guy who likes passive blocks or give the opponent attack first. i really like xu xin style and i kinda try play like him.

so, i liked ma lin extra offensive and dhs pg15 but the i find the outer ply a litte harder than my like. im searching for a 5ply wood blade with no more than 6mm, soft core and mid-hard outer ply. for the fh i use mx-p and bh im using xiom omega vii pro, but planning to use mx-d and joola dynaryz cmd. anyone have some recomendations? budget like 70$
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