Help me choose an Andro blade in the All+ to Off range

My friend has learned to play mainly with a defplay classic, he started with it because he used to play a very control-oriented style not often playing attacking strokes. Now that he has developed his attacking prowess he is looking to upgrade his blade. There is a swedish reseller of andro that has really good prices on andro blades, so I'm asking anyone who has experince with the sub 60 € andro blades of their opinion. I would still say his style is pretty control oriented, not often going for third ball attacks but rather letting the opponent attack then block the attacks until the opponent plays a weak return where he does a loop kill or a straight hit. Blocking (with inverted) is a big part of his game.

I was thinking Kinetic Record Off- would be suitable, has anyone tried it?
Maybe the Temper Tech all or the Flaxonite Cruiser?

Grateful for any help!
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Jul 2015
I have the temper tech off-. It's a Beautiful really well balanced blade. I switch between it and a tibar power wood. I find the control to be really high with the right balance for me between stiffness and flex. Paired with the right rubbers I think it does everything really well. Best blade I've use for blocks and flat hitting and it's the thinnest temper tech blade with out looking at 5.7 which lets it have good flex and good spin. I do like mid to soft rubbers on this blade Dhs h3-50 playes like a dream forehand, andro powersponge bh. I also had good success with a boosted stock H3 neo and rising dragon. I did have some trouble playing a provincial H3 on this blade. It could be me but I was surprise when I found it unforgiving with this rubber.

I hope it helps.

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Apr 2014
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Flaxonite Cruiser?

Should be a good choice, from what I know about the Flaxonite Driver that I have played with. The handle is pretty thin, but that´s nothing a little tape can´t fix - if you can stand the feeling of tape in your hands, which I can´t ;)

Even the Driver is a well balanced, controllable blade. The Cruiser should be even nearer to your specs.
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Jan 2016
I recommend for your friend blade which i currently use. I must say that i'm very similar player to your friend and this blade gives me all what i need for my game. Blade is 156 cm long, 151 wide. Thickness 6,2. Weight approx 70 g.

Here you have link to this blade and way more information about it from many players.
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Jun 2016
A friend of mine really seems to have the same playing style as your friend. About a month ago he bought an Andro Kinetec Record All+ with Donic Coppa rubbers in 1.8mm and that combination really seems to suit him. I also tested it and compared to my racket (Donic Bloodwood Senso AR with Yasaka Mark V 2.0mm rubbers), it had a little less speed but better control. Since I'm only a beginner, I can't really tell you if the difference in speed and control is caused by the difference in sponge thickness of the rubbers or by the blade.