Homburg exhibition January 11th 2018 (Boll,Karlsson,Filus,Franziska)

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Jun 2011
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Hello everyone!
I got a great materials from exhibition from Homburg.
I am uploading now the first one I got, I have 2 more, but those I will post after I will reach 1000 subscribers, which is my long-time goal.
Its hard to achieve, because mostly when I post a good video, youtubers only download it and post it on their channels, instead of promoting mine.
Just like Dan did with that great rally Akkuzu vs. Folwarski..
Anyways, here is the first one:

Kristian Karlsson vs. Ruwen Filus.
Great stuff, around the net (or maybe under the net) serve return, leg stop ball and more, enjoy it..