How can I watch the Olympic table tennis from the UK?

says Xxxxxz
says Xxxxxz
Jan 2015
Are there any live streaming sites I can visit from here in the UK? Looks like the BBC iPlayer is updating with results but I want to actually watch the matches!

One of the BBC channels says its showing table tennis (it should be on my TV right now as I type this) but for some reason its showing water polo despite saying it should be table tennis!
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Mar 2015
I can't watch table tennis anymore, it's so f-ing boring. Right now there is some PUR vs CGO match going on, it takes them forever to serve and the rally is ended on 3rd ball attack. I leave at 1-2 and I go to the toilet, I check the score it's 2-3, I go make a sandwitch to come back for around 9-10 or something, nope it's 5-5. I ate, browsed the forum and remembered the stream is still on, the same match is still on, and they are arguing with the refs what touched what didn't, he is constantly urging them to play. Oh man what a borefest and I thought our club is miles behind international players. The worst part is when PUR won and he is going and kissing the crowd and doing 360 splash from the table over the crowd while they are cheering for him...........I'm like dude, it's only going down hill from here, stop acting like you won 10 million dollars
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NBC has the most complete coverage but also the most restrictive. In my 30 minutes of access I was watching all 4 tables at once. I registered with my cable provider but the channel they're showing table tennis on is not in my package so I'm locked out.

BBC doesn't seem to be showing anything right now- just a list of matches when you click "watch live".

CBC- VPN'd over to Canada- they're showing just 1 table but it's better than nothing.

CCTV- Will try this later with a Hong Kong location.