How often to re-glue rubber ?

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Oct 2011
I use Stiga Rosewood V with HK3 Neo on FH and T64 on BH, with Nittaku Finezip water-based glue.

Recently during a practice session I realized the FH side sound muted and need to hit extra hard than usual to have the impact sound.
The return blocking also net frequently. Friends advised that I should re-glue it. And indeed after reglue the performance is recovered.

Questions :

1-How often should one re-glue the rubber ?

2-Isn't that the new type of water-based glue should last longer ?

3-Do we wait till such performance degraded and then re-glue it ? (What if is in the middle of a match this happen ?)
Or should I do it proactively e.g. every 3 month ? (This FH rubber was about 3 months old since it was first installed)

4-At every re-glue the rubber gets a little heavier (I measure about 1g more). So if after 4~5 reglue will I need to junk the rubber as it gets too heavy ?
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Dec 2010
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1) I think what might have happened to you is that the rubber was no longer fully glued on to the blade face. When you reglued, it was then attached properly so it worked better. This is something that happens to the NCT on that blade. If it keeps happening, there are a few things you can do to make it so that does not happen. You could take a piece of super-fine sand paper and very barely sand the surface of the NCT so that the surface is a tiny bit less smooth and will hold the glue better. I don't love this method but it would work. Another method would be to add a super fine coat of a flat sealant like Min-Wax Wipe On Poly. The glue adheres to that a little better than the NCT. I did that and it worked. You could also add a coat of sealant and then do a very fine sanding. This is probably the best option and the one that would work the best. If you do that, there should be no reason to reglue unless there is a reason you need to take your rubber off. Every so often I take my rubber off to fix a ding in my racket, or to fix a tear in the rubber.

2) I would not reglue unless there was a reason, like, if you were playing one day and found the rubber not fully attached to the blade face. Or, if you boost, you take the rubber off when the boost wears off, reboost and then reglue. I get the sense that you are not boosting though. Is that right?

3) To keep the rubber from getting heavier, you could pull the old glue off before putting new glue on. Somewhere on the site there is a video of someone using a ball to pull the glue off. I will see if I can find it.
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Dec 2012
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I never re-glue rubbers (unless I for some reason fail the gluing and there comes some air bubbles or something else in the rubber)... I don't think the water glue makes the performance better. Personally I'm just gluing when I change rubbers to new ones. But yea, you can try to do it, it don't think it's bad thing either for the rubber/blade. I just don't know if it makes the performance better... Does anybody else have an opinion about this?
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Xu Xin had a video where he mentioned that he reglued every 3-4 days, then replaced the rubber every 7-10 days depending on if he's training or playing in tournaments.

Of course, they train so much each day every day, so it would probably be less often for us mortals.
For me, my "new" hurricane 3 neo rubber just starting feeling dead, and I've been playing with it every day for a month (3-6 hours each day). I'm not exactly sure if regluing it will help, since the rubber itself does look a bit old (speckles are showing, but not yet shiny). However, I'll try regluing it this week to see what happens
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