How to play against a Lefty

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Apr 2014
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Guide to how one should play against the lefty. I didn't write this but I follow the blog and perhaps this could help other people as well :)

I have copied the summary below: [NOTE: There is much more info on the blog post]

Summary and complete game plan


  • mostly short pendulum serve into his forehand zone->pop up->3rd ball attack
  • faster serves of the same type with an all in 3rd ball attack into his backhand with your forehand or backhand
  • from time to time long serves down the line to keep him guessing

  • stand further to the right
  • prepare to make a step forward incase the serve drifts away sideways on your forehand side
  • if you see that the sidespin serve double bounces, rip it with a backhand loop or try to control it with a properly angled blade
  • if the serve is long and drives away from your forehand, loop it into the opponents deep backhand or down the line, focus on a low trajectory
Rally behaviour

  • lock the opponent on his backhand side with forehand loops, pay attention to hit the mentioned spot a bit left of the middle line and don’t go all in too early, most lefties have solid blocking skills on the backhand
  • don’t use extreme angles if you aren’t sure to hit a winner or get a significant advantage – what goes around, comes around
  • if he tries to break the pattern: enforce the same placement with every of your shots whether it’s forehand or backhand
  • sudden! backhand shots into his long forehand are effective after a long phase of containment
  • if he tries to move you into your backhand corner with slightly wandering block try suddenly changing into a backhand loop into his wide forehand or even an inside out loop to prevent that the same happens to you
  • if he tries to loop forehand to forehand with you where he uses inside out loops, try cocking your wrist a bit back to cancel the sidespin but loop normally in general
  • wrist slightly cocked back if you counterloop inside out loops
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A lot of good tips.

I would add something simple.

A good QUICK BH attack is your friend.

LH players face RH players with good Fh all the time and they generally have a lot of experience vs that and know how to cope.

On the other hand, a Lefty doesn't face many righties with a quality consistent QUICK and fast BH attack. There are few things a Lefty hates more than a RH player with a BH that is quick, unpredictable, can land anywhere, and land it with pace and depth and placement.