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Jul 2022
I am a weak old man and I do not have the power & coordination (or education) of Shaquille O'Neal.
If I wanted to still counter-loop on my backhand using a frictionless OX rubber, how do I do this ?

Or I will lower my expectations & settle for doing this using at least any short pips with unboosted sponge ?

I want to switch to short pips with thick sponge on my forehand because my fake no spin forehand chops combined with my super heavy back spins with maximum looper torture index long pips on my backhand are an excellent contrast. But my best stroke using spinny inverted is my forehand hook loop.

So how do I counterloop & hook loop (& fade loop) using short pips both from my forehand & backhand or I will lower my expectations & settle for just forehand (I know I know, short pips is a right over the table rubber in forehand attack mode..... but I want to use it like an inverted from mid & deep distance..........am I excessively greedy ?) .

I have seen players like Johnny Huang & Gao Jun loop with short pips, so it is not really that far fetched.

I think I can do it but when I get to the table , I start trying to loop instinctively like using inverted & ball goes into the bottom of the net. I know racket angle will be more open and I see top pros switch from boosted inverted to hardbat and back to inverted within minutes and this annoys me.
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Mar 2022
I've played an old guy who was a polish national youth leader in his prime decades ago, Stanislaw aka Stachek Styrna : OX on forehand, short pips with 1.5mm sponge on the backhand. The guy was a nightmare to play ! the thing is that he was chopping far from the table with the FH side, and countering at the table or attacking on 3rd ball with it's BH side, and even doing fh flick with the OX... ! man, he was unpredictable, even at nearly 60 !
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Apr 2020
i had a phase of doing SP on FH, and on BH
I was warned that I would not be able to do any spin.
Well, that was a load of bollocks 😁
I bought a few friendship 729 SP rubbers, like 802 Mystery III
and 802 - 40 with decent thickness of the sponge and
spinning was great, BH wrist spin no problem. I could do decent spins on my serves too , no need to twiddle.
Give it a go I say, what have you got to loose 😂
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Sep 2013
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the playing motion/stroke of inverted loop and SP is very different.
if you rely heavily on spin from inverted rubbers, then SP isn't ideal for you.

To me, SP hitter is more harm for your body than opposed to inverted / LP pairing blocker.

Maybe you should go for a slower but more spinner FH rubber to control your game and attack when you can. Then on the backhand side, to go with a LP or Anti rubber.
You are able to twiddle.

This way, you can slow the game down, and speed it up when you need to.

Most coaches normally get kids to go SP, because they can't loop properly.