I can't use my backhand while flicking


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Hi, I'm a left handed player. I can BH flick to right handed players pendulum serve. But I can't BH flick to BH serves to my BH and reverse pendulum serves to my backhand. How can I flick them? What are differences of these serves?

Where are your attempted flicks going - into the net, off the end of the table or off to one side ?
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Jan 2016
All right: Lefty here.

I understand your problem because I've had it myself. We are used to serves that curve towards our elbow, so when normal right-handed pendulum serves come to us, we are used to moving the racket towards the elbow.

When the other sidespin comes, it will be curving away from your elbow, so in order to receive those, you have to move with the ball first: away from your elbow and outwards.

If that advice doesn't help, I highly recommend posting a video so we can give better advice.
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