I need your "likes" to win the STIGA competition!

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The other day when I was in this forum I saw that STIGA was organising a competition for the best points. Me and my father thaught to send 2 videos, and they have nominated them!

Now the one with most likes wins the 500€ in equipment prize. The competition finishes in the 7th of April.

Our videos are the first and second nominated. One has been sent by me (Jon Iparragirre) and the other by my father (Jabier Iparragirre).

To help me you just have to go to STIGA's Facebook page www.facebook.com/stigatabletennis and click the like button in our videos.

Try to spread it please! Let's see if a TTD member wins this. Thank you Dan, because I found this competition thanks to you!

Thank you a lot!
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I checked the website and see three vids as having made it through the nomination process.

One of them doesn't really have a rally you can see, one of them has a rally of a nonchalant dude doing a half-hearted rally showing only his side of the court, and the other is a nice rally you will every game of a match of elite amatures.

The rally (Stiga says it is the SECOND one nominated) is clearly the best one of the three vids and already has a considerable lead over the other contender. Maybe the other contender can draw upon his FB following and get the likes to win. At teh end of the day, it is gunna turn into a FB like vote mobilizing exercise instead of vote by merit.

That is OK, life works like that sometimes.

The OP asked me to pimp his vid. Looking at the other vid competing, the other vid will not be competitive by merit. I'll add my WEIGHT (all 210+ lbs of it) behind our TTD member and ask everyone to POUND the like button.