Innerforce ALC

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Oct 2011
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4 out of 5 rating for Innerforce ALC

I really like the design and I’m a bit weak for the dark and light blue colour that makes the blade look really good.


When counter driving I felt good control and I could get a lot of power from this blade, it did not feel as stiff as I was expecting, I would rate it to be medium hard.

From Behind I also got a stabile touch but I felt it lacks a little control compared to the Carbonado, I guess it can have something to do with the Carbon in the Carbonado, which got a higher sweet spot. The Interforce felt a little faster and harder to control for me, not much but I noticed a slight difference when comparing the two.

Block and counter-attack: My block felt a bit different compared to the Carboando, a slight different trajection. Can’t really say which of the blade that felt most stablie since I think it’s just a matter of getting use to the blade. However could the Interforce ALC give me a good pressure on my opponent, and I found it pretty easy to get the ball in the directions and placing that I wanted to.

Short play and serves: My serves also felt good with this blade, I could get really spinny serves and It had a good dwell time. I’m a little bit dissapointed on this blade when it comes to the short game, I did not get as good control over the opponents serve and the ball that I wanted to. Can be because I'm coming from the Carbonado that I think works extreamly good in the short game. The short game is one of my weaknesses and I need all control I can get so the Interforce ALC I recommend for advanced players who has a natural good feeling in the short game. The offensive pushes and flicks felt however great, it was just when I tried to return some spinny serves short I stumbled on some problems.

Mid distance and my experience overall: In the open game from mid distance I think this blade was super. Pretty fast but I think it still had good control, still recommend it for more advanced players. I would also suggest this blade for all types of offensive game styles the blade have a nice feeling and touch. However I did not find that this blade surprised me in any specific way, I think it was pretty good overall with good control and speed but nothing that not many other blades have. Except from the design which I think is awesome!



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Mar 2012
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4 out of 5 rating for Innerforce ALC

I maybe biased having used a zlc before. Compared to zlc the blade feels faster than it actually is. I found I had lost the control and the natural feeling I've had with the zlc. Having said that it is still better than some of its cheaper counterparts and the speed on this blade is pretty good. But its definitely worse than zlc! So my advice is if you're willing to fork out on an expensive blade, go a bit further and get the zlc :)
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Aug 2015
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5 out of 5 rating for Innerforce ALC

Firstly, this is the Innerforce ALC. This is different than the Innerforce Layer ALC ------- Also playing level reference= 1756 USATT .

The blade is a dream come true for players who love the feeling of all-wood blades. Since there's two layers of wood outside their alc layer, there's a very woody feeling felt through the vibration feedback you get when doing your strokes. The outside layers are made of limba, which is very soft providing additional control on passive blocks. If you're more of a passive blocker opposed to a counter hitter, this may appeal to you quite a bit. The blade is pretty thin, and with how thin it is, you can bet it's flexible.

Looping is super easy, mostly due to the flexibility and how soft the blade is. The ball is always loaded with spin on loops. However, this flexibility takes control away when trying to hit flat for a kill.

Recommended for players who like to spin the ball and like wood blades. This is really perfect if you're trying to transition to carbon.
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