Innerforce Layer ALC

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Dec 2013
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5 out of 5 rating for Innerforce Layer ALC

Plies: 5W+2AC. Limba – Limba – Arylate Carbon - Ayous - Arylate Carbon –Limba – Limba

Feeling: Medium Soft due to 2 plies of limba and carbon layer more centrally aligned.

Craftsmanship: Beautiful as always. With the new hologram at the back of the handle it looks precious.

Weight Distribution: Top heavy. The blade's shape is little oval and not round.

Power: Good from mid distance and close.

Speed: Off+ (As per my skills)

Control: The ball sinks little deep due to limba. Counters and other control shots will feel good if not used with a super fast rubber.

Precision: Once you are in sync with this blade it is very accurate to place the ball any where on the board.

Thickness: 6.0 mm.

Blade Size: 157 x 150 mm.

Grip Comfort: Since I like slim flared grips this works perfect for me. Others might differ.

Chinese Rubber bonding:
Haven't tried any Chinese rubber on this blade.

Euro-Jap Rubber bonding: Awesome pairing with Tenergy and other tensors.

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5 out of 5 rating for Innerforce Layer ALC

If you love the feel, dwell, and control of a limba/ayous wood blade but also appreciate the increased stability and sweet spot of ALC then this is the blade for you.

The cool thing that Butterfly did with the Innerforce layer blade is they placed the ALC layers deeper near the core of the blade. That results in more sensation and feel from the 2 layers of limba contacting the ball with increased stability and accuracy for blocking and hitting as well as power away from the table. Comparing it directly to an all wood blade its short game is great and controlled but when you swing hard that's when the ALC kicks in providing an extra boost.

Slightly slower than a Viscaria or Timo Boll ALC but with better control, feel, and sensation. The only thing I don't like about it is it has a thinner handle. I actually had a friend customize it with a big meaty Tibhar Force Pro black handle and now it's perfect. Great blade.
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