Innerforce T5000

says Hi there Tompa8888, Thank you for asking my opinion. It...
says Hi there Tompa8888, Thank you for asking my opinion. It...
Mar 2015
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5 out of 5 rating for Innerforce T5000

This blade from butterfly is a bullet hitter if you have a strong wrist. First of all the packaging is the usual blue paper box from butterfly. The handle on my model is straight, quite small in diameter, so girls can have a good grip on it too.

Without rubbers the resonation of the blade is quite high, but fine, no harsh vibrations. Sound is quite pitched, so it is definetly an OFF+ blade.
Testing rubbers were chosen to be Bluefire M2 on both sides, to compensate for the low throw of the blade, but I also tried it with T80.

Because of the inner fibre Tamca5000 composite layer, this blade is a speed hitter when hitting directly. The blade is quite stiff and hard, but retains a nice woody feel. Looping is nice, controllable, because the composite layer is on the core veener and does not interfere much with the brush. So I may say, that this blade is fast when hitting (OFF+), but slower when looping (OFF).

Hits and counterhits are very direct and kind of flat, but nicely controlled without effort. Actually I found it hard to hit the ball long, but I only play soft OFF/OFF- blades usually.
Looping is great, but the stiffness bothers me a bit, I like spin elastic blades. The arc of the ball is agressive, but quite high to give you safety. Counterlooping is very consistent, you have more than enough power to counter any attack even from the dressing room.
Dropshots are a bit hard, because the blade is fast and you must develope a fine touch for this stroke or your shots will fly away.

Pair this blade with higher throw rubbers to acieve a nice setup.
I see this blade as a counterhit-smash blade, whith a bit of a fine touch to loop. So you can do opening loops, then wipe your opponent from the table with powerful smashes. Mostly for fact paced women or recreational bullet hitter/bragger type of play.
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