Innerforce ZLF

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Mar 2013
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5 out of 5 rating for Innerforce ZLF

This blade is really great. It is not that fast as it could be, although it is off I would say off-. Blade is more concentrated to control and spin. It is great and control does not matter which part you touch the ball. In cheaper blades you need to concentrate to hit always the middle of the blade, here there is no problem which part you hit - you still get great control. It is very soft so you Can keep the ball longer and really feel it. Great for playing middistance.
Blade is soft so you really ned to be carefull.
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5 out of 5 rating for Innerforce ZLF

Butterfly create innerforce to get more feeling and control on the ball. The version of innerforce what i got is ZLF. ZLF which is Zylon Fibre. My blade has 5 ply wood and 2 ply of Zylon Fibre. My blade weighs 81grams which is not to heavy and is quite light. The Zylon Fibre makes really nice feeling of the ball and control its not that fast like the ALC versions or the ZLC, it is a little bit slower, it means ai generate more spin and touch because it is slower. This blade is really good for the spin game and control and touch game I can still you have enoguh power to finish the ball by finishing the ball by an strong topspin. I played with ALC version a few times from my friends players and i found the Innerforce ZLF has better control which helps me.


In the last year I was playing on my forehand Tenergy 05 FX with this blade, this is very good combination for spin and control. It is very good with this blade, the softer rubber allows for powerful play and generate lots of spin

On my backhand I had Yaska Rakza 7 soft which is even softer than 05 fx and a bit slower, because i dont have as much control with my backhand this is why i chose a little slower rubber. This means I can really use my wrist to generate lots of spin on my backhand. This worked well with this blade.

In the end I would say this blade is really good for generating spin with quite soft rubbers. In the next month I might change my forehand rubber to Tenergy 05 for more power.

On my backhand I will put 05 FX version in the future. But I will still still work on generating lots of spin. The blade really works well with Tenergy rubbers.
I love this bat, next year I am going to play with 05 on my forehand and 05 FX on my backhand

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