Interview: Lee Sang Su (KOR)

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Feb 2013
Hey all,

I'm creating a new page where I plan to post interviews of professional players from around the world, and report on TT news. I'm dedicated to making this an informative and interesting page, and first off will need to shamelessly ask that you can help get started here and on Facebook, where most interviews will be conducted!

My first two interviews have been of Korea's top upcoming talents, Lee Sang Su and Jung Young Sik. Enjoy!

Lee Sang Su (KOR)


Full name: Lee Sang Su

Age: 22

Date of Birth: 13/08/1990

Height: 179 cm (5'-10.5")

Team: Samsung Life Insurance

At what age did you begin playing table tennis?

At the age of 10.

Who is your biggest influence?

My father

What equipment do you currently use?

"Special Order" Butterfly Korbel --- Red Tenergy 05, Black Tenergy 05

Have you ever sustained any injuries or setbacks?

No injuries yet!

Who is your table tennis idol?

유승민 (Ryu Seung Min)

I've noticed that you have a reputation as a bit of Chinese killer, you've beaten many high level Chinese players on recent World Tours. Do you train with this specific goal in mind, or only to be the best player you can be?

I train with a lot of heart and dedication, and practice to be the best.

What was your greatest moment in table tennis? Perhaps when you beat Ma Long at the 2012 Korean Open?

I really enjoyed the feeling of beating Ma Long, but the best has got to be winning the 2011 Polish Open.

What are your goals in table tennis?

2014 Asian Games gold medal and the 2016 Olympic gold medal

With whom do you practice? Can you explain your practice schedule?

My practice schedule starts from 9-12 in the morning. Then there is an afternoon session from 2:50-6:30, and then at night from about 7:40-8:30.

I practice with my team members Seo Hyun Deok, Jeong Sangeun, Joo Se Hyuk, Ryu Seung Min.

Any fun or exciting stories from your TT experiences? (not sure on the translation here, hope I got it right :p. Any Korean readers can help me on the response? Google translate isn't the best)

I do not like technology, the best feeling for me is when practice is rewarded by winning a match.

What specific player or style are you most afraid of?

(Here he makes a comment about the negative of a weak mental game, and states that he does do psychological training as well)


Favorite music?


Favorite movie?

Do not really like movies.

Hope you all enjoyed, please let me know if you have any requests, suggestions, or future questions to ask players!

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Feb 2013
Glad you enjoyed it, will hope to expand in the future regarding questions of interest to readers!