Interview with Dan (Table Tennis is amazing)

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Hi everyone !!!

My name is Pawel. I do some table tennis videos for polish people. I would like to show you my interview with Dan of TableTennisDaily. Hopefully you will like it.

Dan is very nice man, he working everyday Table Tennis :) You are doing a great job Dan, all the best and don't stop playing Table Tennis :D



says New website is LIVE!! Hope you all like it 🔥


says New website is LIVE!! Hope you all like it 🔥
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Aug 2010
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Thanks for this awesome interview Pawel! You are doing great stuff promoting table tennis in Poland! I will keep giving my best just like you! :)

cool one :)
.. just cant find the video yet ..

The video should be in post 1 Michal :)

dan is doing a great work for tabletennis fan all around the world. its fantastic that we have a good forum where fans around the world can get together and chatt and change the opinions. keep up the great work guys

Thanks Flash Gordan means a lot! Without users interacting this site wouldn't even be here so I want to thank you greatly! Lets keep spreading table tennis! See you all around.