Is Donic carbospeed really a fast blade?

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Aug 2021
I have a friend who has Donic carbospeed. I tried it yesterday and I was amazed to find that I was able to do full forehand strokes that I was unable to do with my Joola Rossi emotion with the same rubbers (G1 max thickness on both sides). The carbospeed gives a lot of confidence that a full stroke will not fly over the table with my poor technique although theoretically carbospeed is a lot faster than the Rossi emotion and automatically I switched to confident full strokes mode and did shots that I couldn't do before.

My friend thinks that my Rossi emotion is able to generate better spin and speed on backhand with short strokes. I agree but I also feel more confident to put more power in backhand shots with the carbospeed. I have a strong perception that the carbospeed is slower than my Rossi emotion and I cannot explain this. Theoritically it should be stiffer due to the thickness and everyone is talking about it being a cannon but this is the most confident feeling I got with a blade and I have tried a lot of blades.

Probably the reason is that the Rossi emotion gives a clear feeling when the ball hits the bat but the carbospeed gives a super mushy muted feeling that causes my brain to interpret the strokes as slow? Probably the reason is that my friend's blade is old (about 5 years old or more)?

Can someone help explaining this?
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Jan 2019
I played with the Carbospeed for close to a year. It's rated super fast, but my experience was similar to yours. It was fast, but not in an uncontrollable way. It's a good blade for the price.
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