Is my h3n National real or why is it shiny?

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Apr 2023
I bought a used h3 NEO national from a guy who knows another guy. I don't know the relationship between those 2 guys but the guy I know is very well-known in the club for playing with DHS rubbers, I trust the guy. But recently I have been rising a lot of questions for why is the surface so shiny, what did the previous owner do? Does anyone have experience with shiny chinese top sheet? I had multiple hurricane 3 in the past and a hurricane 8, using them a lot (well taken care and used of protective sheet) all turned out the opposite of shiny. Comparing to my new h3 commercial bought from authorized seller, is not shiny at all. Could the shininess be a hint of it not being authentic? I don't know how to check the serial code behind the rubber, I read some post saying that the real sponge has a wave line across them which mine has, you can see if you zoom in. Ignore the cover under the rubber on the 1st pic, it was just used as a cover.
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