Is WTT really viable ?

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Jan 2012

[size=+2]Is WTT really viable? We dont think so. Just take a look at how an ill fate has now came down to the Football Super League, a fully commercial enterprise solely intended for making money.[/size].
'It is not just the football (=table tennis) community. All of society and governments are united'"I cannot stress more strongly at this moment that UEFA and the footballing world stand united against the disgraceful, self-serving proposals we have seen from (Mr. Dainton, the screwed mastermind for the WTT artificial institution) a select few clubs in Europe that are fuelled by greed above all else.
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Apr 2021
And as for the potential export&import concerns of CITES endangered wood species that Music&Ping mentioned earlier: I looked up that list, and Wenge is not on the CITES list of protected species, so that wouldnt be an issue even if Der Echte needs to take it out of the country at some point. I won't have to export it anyway since I'm right here in California.