ITTF Korean Open 2019

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Oct 2014
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Many of them have a lot of potential, however, they tend to be quite streaky.
It's a result of the footwork and forehand approach per zeio. If one of them can get a ridiculously backhand (and the closest one so far is LJH), it is a wrap. Lee Sangsu doesn't feel comfortable with his backhand and he has gotten pretty far.
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Nov 2018
Haha maybe Kasumi heard the Japanese netizens' complaints that even Nagasaki, Hayata and Hirano could take 2 games from the top Chinese players so she felt motivated to do so.
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I didn't watch the game, i was training at the TT club. But when i came out, i checked the score, it was 11-11 in the 7th. I was like "wow, how did she make it that far, but I'm sure she's gonna lose, she's cursed..."

LOL. I hope it will give Kasumi some courage for next time