ITTV is dead

says Shoo...nothing to see here. - zeio
says Shoo...nothing to see here. - zeio
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Jan 2018

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Did I hear someone say they miss Adham Sharara?

:) It only seems to go from bad to worse.

I heard they are thinking of raising the net 15mm and using a 44mm ball....and making the table 7' wide and 14' across....

I also heard they are thinking about recording from outer space with a camcorder and making table tennis, floor tennis that's played outside.

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Does anyone know where to watch old full matches that are not Chinese players?
For YT its mostly Chinese full match play like channels like Janus770, ttlondon2012. For Japanese there's the butterfly Japanese channel that posts videos on Butterfly Sponsored players. I'm wanting to watch like very normal matches like r16,32,qf, etc. Like from idk Czech open 2018 r16 someone vs someone that isn't Chinese something like that.. Specifically players like Liam Pitchford, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, etc.