I've got the blade of a champion!

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Nov 2013
I've got a blade of a pro!

In Belgium, there is a guy named Michel Detrigne who is known to prepare the table tennis 's blades of many champions like Ovtcharov, Boll, Samsonov, Saive and many more.
Basically, he is doing a treatment on the blade (which is kept secret) consisting notably in putting a special varnish and what I heard is that this manipulation is enhancing the performances of the blade tremendously. He does it for free because it's is passion but pro players thank him by inviting him to their competitions, letting his children play with them and things like that...

The one that I got was used by Bojan Tokic, a Thibar IV L light contact. I got it from a friend who knows Michel Detrigne.

Blades from Detrigne can be recognize by the brownish color ad the initials "MD" put on it. At touch the surface seems harder and SO smooth like there isn't any roughnesses!

I'm gonna test it soon to hopefully know why professionals like Michel Detrigne 's blades so much :D

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Wait. So Ovtcharov is playing with his balde ? Thats amazing. Where can i buy one ^^
An Ovtcharov fanboy has surfaced. Henning_W, the blade aren't actually made by Michel Detrigne, the pros bring their blades and he "treats" them so he improves their performance.
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