says Waldner Masterclass out now! 🏓
says Waldner Masterclass out now! 🏓
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Oct 2010
NOW LIVE: Zhang Jike vs wonderkid Harimoto! Live on the ITTF here.

Last week saw the spectacular China Open, the World Tour circuit now moves onto the prestigious Japan Open! The Japan Open will take place in Lion from the 8th to 10th June.

Main Draw

Men's Singles
Women's Singles
Men's Doubles
Women's Doubles

Men's Singles Seeds

Germany's Timo Boll, has entered the Japan Open!


Timo Boll enters the Japan Open as the no.1 seed - Photo by: ITTF Flickr

01) Timo Boll
02) Ma Long
03) Wong Chun Ting
04) Lee Sangsu
05) Koki Niwa
06) Tomokazu Harimoto
07) Simon Gauzy
08) Kenta Matsudaira
09) Chuang Chih-Yuan
10) Kristian Karlsson
11) Jonathan Groth
12) Mattias Karlsson
13) Jin Ueda
14) Maharu Yoshimura
15) Jeong Sangeun
16) Masaki Yoshida

Unseeded CNT players: Zhang Jike, Zhou Yu, Liang Jingkun, Liu Dingshuo, Yu Ziyang, Zhou Kai

Women's Singles Seeds

Japan's Kasumi Ishikawa enters the Japan Open as the number 1 seed.


Japan's Kasumi Ishikawa enters the Japan Open as the #1 seed - Photo by: ITTF Flickr

01) Kasumi Ishikawa
02) Wang Manyu
03) Mima Ito
04) Miu Hirano
05) Cheng I-Ching
06) ChenXingtong
07) Feng Tianwei
08) Liu Shiwen
09) Doo Hoi Kem
10) Hitomi Sato
11) Suh Hyowon
12) Hina Hayata
13) Elizabeta Samara
14) Lee Ho Ching
15) Miyu Kato
16) Chen Szu-Yu

Unseeded CNT players: Gu Yuting, Mu Zi, Feng Yalan, Che Xiaoxi, Hu Limei

For full player entries click here.

A fantastic event to follow, be sure to get involved in the TTD topic and get involved with the discussions.

We can use this thread as a means to display all the latest results, videos and news from this spectacular World Tour event! What are your predictions from each event.
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says The sticky bit is stuck.
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So many ultimate level tournaments to play in such a short timespan, it must be grinding down the players.

I'm eager to see if Mima Ito can continue marching forwards; and will be eying Timo Boll, who I thought the equal of LJK in their match last week. It might as well have been his, and an in-form Timo is a challenge even to Ma Long.
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Feb 2018
Why isn't Ding Ning Playing?
I don't think she'd play too many competitions too close to each other, cause she's getting used again to do various competitions in a year (after the ranking changes) but maybe it's some other reason and I'm just babbling nonsense here...

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