says Waldner Masterclass out now! 🏓
says Waldner Masterclass out now! 🏓
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Oct 2010
The Japan Open begins next week on the 12th June and concludes on the 16th. Similarly with the China and Hong Kong Open we will see an incredible line up which consists of the likes of Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin, Harimoto and many more world class players! Ding Ning the world number 1 leads the womens singles seeing! Lets get this topic started!

Men's Singles


Fan Zhendong enters the Japan Open as the no.1 seed - Photo by: ITTF Flickr

01) Fan Zhendong
02) Xu Xin
03) Lin Gaoyuan
04) Tomokazu Harimoto
05) Ma Long
06) Liang Jingkun
07) Hugo Calderano
08) Jang Woojin
09) Lee Sangsu
10) Koki Niwa
11) Jun Mizutani
12) Dimitrij Ovtcharov
13) Lim Jonghoon
14) Wong Chun Ting
15) Jeoung Youngsik
16) Lin Jun Ju

Women's Singles


Ding Ning enters the Japan Open as the no.1 seed - Photo by: ITTF Flickr

01) Ding Ning
02) Chen Meng
03) Wang Manyu
04) Liu Shiwen
05) Zhu Yuling
06) Kasumi Ishikawa
07) Mima Ito
08) Cheng I-Ching
09) Miu Hirano
10) Suh Hyowon
11) Doo Hoi Kem
12) Feng Tianwei
13) Saki Shibata
14) Hitomi Sato
15) Chen Xingtong
16) Jeon Jihee

Here we go table tennis World, lets discuss this incredible platinum event, what a line up!

A fantastic event to follow, be sure to get involved on the TTD discussions.We can use this thread as a means to display all the latest results, videos and news from this spectacular World Tour event! What are your predictions from each event.
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Nov 2018
I'm most interested in seeing the doubles events because the Singles events haven't been met with much surprises thus far.

Mixed Doubles

- Will XX experience another XD loss? His partner this time has been changed to Zhu Yuling who isn't considered a doubles specialist (although she did partner LSW to win WTTC WD in 2015) and isn't in particularly good form of late.
- Back-to-back champions Lin/Cheng will continue to team up in Hokkaido. Can they repeat the feat?

Men's Doubles

- Old duo XX/FZD returns to the fold alongside colleagues LGY/LJK.
- Koki/Mizutani is still being fielded despite their one round exit the last time. Looks like Harimoto will definitely be tasked with two singles matches for the team event next year.

Women's Doubles

- Newly crowned WD World Champions WMY/SYS make their return following a period of hiatus. Can they continue their streak or flail like ML/WCQ did?
- JNT continues to keep their core players out of WD, choosing to enrol younger but not necessarily less competent members instead. The "Miyus" (Nagasaki & Kihara) pairing which has achieved some decent results is a case in point.
- The same goes for the South Koreans but with noticeably fewer results to support that decision. Choi/Kim & Park/Lee – who are they really?
- Ma Lin's star disciples LSW & CM join forces again after four years, which I imagine is part of LGL's search for the best Olympics team to field.

That said, I read somewhere that Japan is sending 45 players?! Honour and pride on the line there it seems eh.