Japan Top 12 Tournament March 2018 -Jun defeats Tomo

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Oct 2017
nice to see mizutani beat Haritomo
btw why Haritomo kid need to shout every time he get 1 point?

(Asahi newspaper January 22, 2018)

"Chorei" cry is a mother's advice.
"When I heard a voice, I got to win the opponent who I do not imagine."
(He also answers in ITTF interview video [Ask A Pro Anything(interviewed by Adam Bobrow)]
"If you cry out, you can play good.")

But he didn't cry out when he won Mizutani at the men's singles final (at All Japan, last January) and when he won Fan Zendong at Asian Cup, 10 days ago. He said, "I am really happy, so happy I couldn't make a voice. "
says Shoo...nothing to see here. - zeio
says Shoo...nothing to see here. - zeio
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Jan 2018
Everyone are quite when TH got defeated. @@@???
Cuz that's how it's supposed to go. Pretty much his every win in senior events is an upset. That's when people get agitated.
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Oct 2017
In the 1st stage the players will be divided into 4 groups, with all the members of a group playing each other, and in the 2nd stage the group winners will compete in a knockout.

1st Stage(Group Winner)
Group A (Harimoto Tomokazu)
Harimoto Tomokazu 3:2 Watanabe Yusuke
Harimoto Tomokazu 3:2 Yoshida Masaki
Watanabe Yusuke 0:3 Yoshida Masaki
Group B (Jin Takuya)
Jin Takuya 3:2 Yoshimura Maharu
Jin Takuya 3:2 Yoshimura Kazuhiro
Yoshimura Maharu 3:1 Yoshimura Kazuhiro
Group C (Oshima Yuya)
Morizono Masataka 0:3 Oshima Yuya
Morizono Masataka 2:3 Ueda Jin
Oshima Yuya 3:1 Ueda Jin
Group D (Mizutani Jun)
Mizutani Jun 3:0 Matsudaira Kenji
Mizutani Jun 3:1 Matsuyama Yuki
Matsudaira Kenji 3:1 Matsuyama Yuki
2nd Stage
Harimoto Tomokazu 4:2 Jin Takuya
Oshima Yuya 3:4 Mizutani Jun
Harimoto Tomokazu 2:4 Mizutani Jun

1st Stage (Group Winner)
Group A(Hashimoto Honoka)
Hashimoto Honoka 3:1 Maeda Miyu
Hashimoto Honoka 2:3 Ooya Misaki
Maeda Miyu 3:1 Ooya Misaki
Group B (Nagasaki Miyu)
Mori Sakura 2:3 Matsuzawa Marina
Mori Sakura 2:3 Nagasaki Miyu
Matsuzawa Marina 2:3 Nagasaki Miyu
Group C (Hayata Hina)
Sato Hitomi 0:3 Hayata Hina
Sato Hitomi 3:2 Morizono Mizuki
Hayata Hina 3:0 Morizono Mizuki
Group D (Ando Minami)
Nagao Takako 2:3 Ando Minami
Nagao Takako 0:3 Shibata Saki
Ando Minami 3:1 Shibata Saki
2nd Stage
Hashimoto Honoka 4:1 Nagasaki Miyu
Hayata Hina 4:0 Ando Minami
Hashimoto Honoka 0:4 Hayata Hina

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